New book on Advertising Law!

Some may think the greatest book ever written is War and Peace, others may think it’s the Great Gatsby… However, they’re wrong because the greatest book of all time is clearly “International Advertising Law: A Practical Global Guide” which was published yesterday by Globe Law & Business.

I helped edit the book and write the UK chapter. The book contains chapters drafted by lawyers from over 30 countries (so there was a lot of editing to do). I haven’t written a blog post in a good few months as I’ve been very busy at work, so apologies that this one is really just a shameless plug.

As many readers of this blog will know, advertising law and regulation is found in a wide variety of sources and overlaps with a diverse range of other areas of law. This made the selection of a finite number of topics to cover in the book a difficult task. When we decided which topics to cover, we considered the questions that in-house advertising and marketing lawyers (and non-lawyers) are likely to encounter most frequently in their day-to-day work, but we also kept private practice lawyers in mind.

Each chapter is written by an expert in the relevant country and begins with an overview of the legal and regulatory regime for advertising in that country, before providing more detail on the following seven topics: (i) comparative advertising; (ii) online behavioural advertising; (iii) sales promotions; (iv) ambush marketing; (v) direct marketing; (vi) product placement; and (vii) certain industry-specific regulation (which includes consideration of the regulation of advertisements for gambling, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, financial products and services, food and tobacco).

More detail about the book can be found on the Globe Law site here. It’s also available on Amazon and all good bookshops (provided they sell legal text books).